The Team


Karishma Sharma / Co-Founder

Karishma, a writer by trade and a tomboy by heart, was one day looking for a basic article on makeup. When she had to navigate through a thousand links to find something that remotely looked like what she was looking for, she realized one thing: why is it so hard to find simple information online?

As Karishma says, “On Where to Begin, we aren’t here to shame you for not knowing how to cook, for never having worked out before in your life and for still wearing your Hollister jeans in 2018. What we are here for is to navigate the daunting, taunting, and riveting phenomenon that is #ADULTING.”


Serena Patel / Co-Founder

Serena graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. She is the Chief Financial and Operating Officer of Prime Care Physicians.

She has always had a passion for writing and reading. She published her first book, “Is This It?” in 2017 and is excited to pursue different styles of writing and content on Where to Begin.




Karishma Kapur / Lifestyle

Originally from Dix Hills, New York, Karishma is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit new countries. She enjoys listening to Drake, tasting wine and cheese, trying new restaurants (specifically pizza), watching NY Giants, and running on boardwalks. She’s been to over 11 different countries and can't wait for her next trip!


Nayab Ali / Fashion

Nayab Ali, based in New York, is a fashion and Drake enthusiast. Nayab studied at FIT, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. She is currently an Assistant Buyer in Men's Active at Macy's. She really loves bagels too. 


Vivian Chen / Beauty

Vivian, born and raised in New York, is a beauty enthusiast and lover of all things makeup-related. Aside from her interest in makeup and beauty, she also loves to cook, eat, binge watch tv shows and paint (but not at the same time). Vivian is extremely excited to be a part of Where to Begin!


Tania Naik / Fitness

Tania is a working professional at a tech startup in the Silicon Valley! When she’s not at her full time job, she’s hitting the gym, lifting weights, and encouraging those around her to do the same by adopting a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle! 


Payal Sharma / Lifestyle

Payal Sharma is a restauranteur, blogger and chef. Her passions are health, fitness, and cooking, and she loves to find ways to create quick and easy recipes that are also low carb and low calorie. Payal is excited to be a part of Where to Begin! 


Swathi Anand / Beauty

Swathi graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and a minor in Human-Computer Interaction. She is currently an Interaction Designer and Research at Bessemer Alliance in Pittsburgh. In her free time, she enjoys biking, experimenting with skincare and makeup, traveling to new cities, and discovering new restaurants! 


Ravina Nakum/ Beauty

Ravina is a graduate student working towards her doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy based in Chicago. She is a creature of all sorts and shares many passions. Apart from being a part-time makeup guru at night, she loves to cook, paint, and has interests in interior design. When she’s not buried in school work, you will find her creating some sort of a new project.


Shannon Haupage/ Lifestyle

Shannon graduated from the University at Buffalo with a degree in Environmental Engineering. She is truly passionate about all things environment and sustainability related. Besides that, she loves dance, traveling, and cooking new vegan recipes. She loves all animals, especially her two kitties, Luna and Rex.

Srikala Appana / Lifestyle

Srikala was born in India and raised in Denver, CO. Her hobbies include spending too much in the coffee shop vibe, browsing aisles at Target, binging shows as a form of self-care, and running her instafood blog, Chai This At Home (@chaithisathome).


Ria Shah / Lifestyle

Hailing from the East Coast, Ria is running her self-care blog, Masala Motivations (@masalamotivations). Her passions include mental health and self-care, particularly in the South Asian community. When she’s not binging Grey’s Anatomy, she is planning her next adventure abroad.


Trisha Patel / Lifestyle

Trisha is a working professional at Whirlpool Corp with a passion for food, travel and planning. She is currently planning her own wedding, so her focus has been self-care and effective time management. Everyone needs a stress reliever and something they do for the pure joy of doing it.


Kaanan Shah / Lifestyle

Kaanan is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, at St. George’s University. In between studying and classes, she enjoys running, cooking, and binging Netflix. She believes in giving any activity 100% therefore she is all work or all play. While on breaks, she loves to travel, drink wine with her mom, obsess over her dog, Champagne Pupi, and discover new food finds with friends. 

Rubi Multani / Beauty, Fashion

Rubi is a donut, Pinterest, makeup and a fashion enthusiast. She is currently a business analyst and when she’s not crunching data, she’s most likely shopping, googling, posting pics of her pets or posing in front of a camera herself. 


Mona Bachani/ Lifestyle

Mona is an educator, yogi, writer & baby enthusiast! You will find a book in her bag and a coffee in hand. Always search of the shortest flights to the most spectacular destinations!


Ramya Ramachandran/ Health

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Ramya currently works as an engineer in Northern Virginia. She also enjoys pursuing her lifelong passion for dance by serving as dance director for a non-profit South Asian arts organization based out of Washington, DC. In her free time, you can generally find her watching movies, traveling, or trying out a delicious new recipe! 

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Archita Vohra/ Lifestyle

A recent graduate of Indiana University, Archita has high hopes of becoming a physician. She is passionate about nutritious and delicious foods, while inspiring others to experiment with cooking. You can find Archita’s recipes on her Instagram blog, @eatsbyarchita. She is excited to join the team at Where To Begin. 

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Sara Matthew/ Lifestyle

Sara Mathew is passionate about holistic health and healthcare delivery.She currently is the administrator of trauma and burn surgery @weillcornell.She is a dancer, fitness class junkie and looks forward to the joys of tasting new cuisines. Always on a quest to push boundaries and discovering  experiences beyond ordinary ,Sara is excited to be part of the Where to Begin family


Julianne DeSiliva/ Editor

Julianne graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a bachelor's degree in English and Adolescent Education, and Hofstra University with her M.S.Ed in Literacy Studies.  She is a reading teacher on Long Island, who is passionate about all things related to books. When not in a school, you can find her eating sushi and teaching herself how to cook!