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Homemade Fried Rice

By: Kaanan Shah

It’s a Sunday afternoon, aka time to meal prep! Have you ever gone to the grocery store, but can’t think of what to make? Sometimes it feels like you can’t recreate the same flavors of dishes from your favorite restaurants. Eating out can get expensive, but you can also get sick of the same rotation at home. If you love Chinese/Hibachi flavors, try to make this homemade Fried Rice!

Drugstore Dupes

By: Ravina Nakum

Fresh Face Beat for Less. New makeup is being released constantly, and it is challenging to keep up with all of the trends especially financially.  Luckily, you have options that allow for makeup to be  much cheaper. Drugstores are the perfect alternative to Sephora, Ulta, or similar high-end stores and will not break the bank.