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A Guide to Color Correction

By: Ravina Nakum

Let’s be honest: achieving flawless skin today is as easy as keeping a dog in a bathtub. With air pollution, sun rays, diet, and so many chemicals in products, we ladies are on the daily struggle bus to meet society’s standards in addition to perfect skin. Fortunately, color correction is the answer to all of your struggles! But,  before you get too excited about wanting to use all of these pretty colors, each one serves a different purpose for different skin colors. Follow the guide below to even out skin tone, hide deep acne scars, or to brighten your face!

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

By: Karishma Sharma & Serena Patel

It is the day of, and you completely forgot to get a gift for your Valentine this year. What is something last minute you can get without it seeming generic or like you forgot? Here is a quick list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts!