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How to Stay Active While Traveling

By: Karishma Kapur

Let’s admit it: whenever we go on vacation, we want to relax, explore new towns, eat a lot, have a couple of drinks with friends and not have to worry about “being healthy” or “sticking to our diet.” But then you come back from your vacation and it all hits you: you’re feeling bloated, hungover and out of shape.

How to Train for a Half Marathon

By: Kaanan Shah

It's Sunday morning and you’re scrolling through Instagram. Either you just woke up or you’re already off to brunch, waiting for the subway. You see a photo of a friend, medal in hand, with some caption about 13.1 miles. You’re either commenting the 💯emoji or thinking “Wow, I wish I could do that!  That’s amazing!” Well, you can!

Meal Prepping 101

By: Sara Matthew

Meal prepping is a major craze right now, but, many people think it’s a huge time investment. I actually enjoy meal prepping! Although it is a slightly upfront time investment, it has become a weekend ritual for me, every Sunday, because: