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How to Save Money This Holiday Season

How to Save Money This Holiday Season

By: Serena Patel

Here are 10 things to ask or remind yourself this holiday season.

  1. Make your coffee at home or at work. Starbucks is expensive.

  2. Do you need that mani/pedi? Who’s really going to see it? You’ll be wearing socks and boots.

  3. Maybe pregame a little longer before you hit the bars.

  4. Do you really need to buy lunch that many days a week? It would be cheaper and healthier to go grocery shopping and pack a lunch. This will also probably help you lose some of that “holiday weight” you put on during Thanksgiving (of last year).

  5. If you aren’t sure you love something you bought online, return it. I’m sure you’ll love seeing that money back in your account. I recommend doing your returns in person. I’m not sure if it really makes a huge difference, but that way you know it was definitely returned (and not lost in the mail) and you see the money back faster. I promise you’ll be happier without the sweater you weren’t sure you liked.

  6. Is Lyft/Uber the only way you can get there? If it really is, plan ahead and take a pool.

  7. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the most expensive ones, but the most thoughtful. If you need ideas, stay tuned for my next article!

  8. Do you need to be going out 3 nights a week? It’s cold outside. Do a movie night and count all the money you just saved.

  9. Remember who you’re shopping for (not yourself). Oh, but you see a cute top that would be perfect for when you go out? Put it down, walk away, remove it from your basket.

  10. Do you really need to buy a brand new New Year’s dress that you can only wear once a year and rewear every 3 years? Can you borrow any of your friends’ or siblings’ old outfits? I mean who really remembers what they wore anyways.

Ho-ho-ho, you just saved yourself at least $10.00. Thank me, next.

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