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Ways to Show Gratitude

Ways to Show Gratitude

By: Sanjana Padmanabhan

Many times in our fast-paced, stressful lives, we forget to pause and appreciate our surroundings. We forget to notice the people, places, and achievements that come our way and impact us. Most moments pass by because we are more prone to pay attention to a screen rather than another human face. For these reasons, showing gratitude is even more important, if not for others, but for ourselves.

So, what is gratitude? Gratitude isn’t just a way to say “thanks” to someone else, it is a way to remain content with your own life and balance achievement with humility. Below are a few small ways of showing gratitude.

Be an Active Listener

Show eye contact and be present in the conversation. This allows others to open up and feel appreciated. Be open to others’ perspectives and really listen to them, you may learn something new about them.

Offer Congratulations

This small act of kindness for someone else is also an act of humility for yourself. Share their joys as if they were your own, the act is sure to be returned when it’s your turn!

Show off People’s Gifts

This small act makes people feel important, as if they contributed to a meaningful part to your life. Wearing some article of clothing, or displaying a frame or artifact in your home not only shows that you enjoy their gift but appreciate the thought behind it.

Make Phone Calls

We do not do this nearly enough anymore. Calling someone just to catch up or to offer encouragement is much more meaningful than a 20 second text message. The phone call is guaranteed to make you feel better as well!

Perform a Random Act of Kindness

Whether it’s giving your leftovers to a homeless person, buying coffee for the car behind you at a drive thru, or tipping a little extra for a good service, any small act goes a long way to the person receiving it. I was the car behind once, and I still remember the pleasure of receiving a free coffee. Don’t expect any of these in return, but those who witness it will definitely remember it.

Finally, Smile

A smile goes a long way. A smile could make a stranger’s day, make them feel important when they are at a low, or just pass around happiness. It also requires less muscles to smile than frown, FYI!

A lot of the suggestions above may seem like common sense, but the fact is that many people do not practice these wholeheartedly nearly as much. Let’s improve that and, together, learn to be more grateful for all that life throws at us!

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