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Summer Trends

Summer Trends

By: Rubi Multani

You’re probably thinking to yourself didn’t we just learn about spring season trends? You are correct. But with the incoming heatwave, a new wardrobe is a must.

Haven’t you heard? The ’80s are in town and puff sleeves back. Puff sleeves are great for making your waist and arms look smaller. However, if you are already conscious about your shoulders, this may not be the best style for you.

Someone send an alert to Gossip Girl, pleats are in and I can’t think of a better time to reboot this new season than with this trend. Pleated skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, they are all coming in and I am here for it. There is just something about pleats that make you look classy and chic.

With festivals and concert season right around the corner tie-dye and crochet are all you need.

Crochet swimsuit cover-up, tops, kimonos, bathing suits, shorts, jumpsuits, bodysuits, even shoes will be embody  this style.

Color blocking will be big this  summer. What is color blocking? Color blocking has three types: complementary, triad, and analogous. Complementary color blocking is when two colors being paired are on the opposite of one another on a color wheel, as pictured below. Triad color blocking is when two or three colors are four spaced apart from one another and lastly analogous is pairing of colors that are beside one another. For example mixing of yellows and purples, reds and pinks, etc. Color blocking doesn’t have to stop at your pants and shirts; you can color block with your purses, backpacks, socks, shoes, jewelry, belts, and even shoelaces!


Didn’t wash your hair? Going to the zoo or riding your bike on a hot day? Hiking? Outdoors concert? Bucket hats will be your best friend. I know, it sounds silly. You don’t want to ruin your hair, but when your hair is as dark as Satan’s soul, you will want it and you will need it. Bucket hats add a little flair to your outfit and protect you from the UV rays, it’s a win-win for everyone.


Print mash-ups are going to be so major. Print mash-up is basically mixing more than one pattern is put together. You can find mash-ups in athletic wear, dresses, skirts, shirts, socks, purses, etc. You can even pair your prints by mixing stripes with polka dots; it does not necessarily have to be on one piece of fabric.

Move over, over-the-shoulder, asymmetrical shoulder tops are coming in. I personally prefer asymmetrical tops since you have some support and don’t have to worry about whether or not your top will  slip down at any time. Having that extra arm cradling will keep your mind at ease when you’re jumping around.

The fishnets trend first came out in 2017 for the bold and risk takers. Many viewed it as slutty and out there. In 2019, fishnets will be seen everywhere from being low-key and subtle in tops, dresses, sweaters, and purses, to being completely hidden in bras and undies, and even making a casual appearance in socks and tights too! You can be classy and chic and pair your fishnet undergarments with a maxi skirt or dress. Or you can bold and pair your leopard top, leather jacket and denim skirt with fishnet stockings. You can also be super nonchalant and pair fishnet socks with your joggers, a cozy sweater and your Vans. You can’t really go wrong with this style.


If you’re not trying to look bold and outspoken in your fishnets or bold choice of fabrics and patterns, but still want to be “in style” look no further; the color lavender will be making an appearance in a big way. Pantone may have chosen living coral as the color of the year but the runways have chosen to showcase hues of lavender. Lavender is best described as a light pink-purple, with hints of light grey. Lavender is graceful, feminine, often associated with women of refined qualities and wealth. Lavender represents femininity and beauty; it’s basically a “grown-up” pink. Lavender crop tops, hats, socks, light jackets, it will be in every shape and form.

As Miuccia Prada said, “Fashion is instant language.” Try out the summer trends, see what speaks to you. It’s all about finding what works best for you, represents you and makes you feel your most confident self.

****Tag us with your look!  We want to see how you incorporate these summer trends ****

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