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 A Guide to Color Correction

A Guide to Color Correction

By: Ravina Nakum

Let’s be honest: achieving flawless skin today is as easy as keeping a dog in a bathtub. With air pollution, sun rays, diet, and so many chemicals in products, we ladies are on the daily struggle bus to meet society’s standards in addition to perfect skin. Fortunately, color correction is the answer to all of your struggles! But,  before you get too excited about wanting to use all of these pretty colors, each one serves a different purpose for different skin colors. Follow the guide below to even out skin tone, hide deep acne scars, or to brighten your face!


  • If you look at the color wheel, red is across green, thus green will cancel out redness. Redness is common with blemishes or other skin conditions. The green shade will balance with the redness for an even skin tone.


  • Holy Grail for acne scars! Yellow counteracts purple/blue tones so it is commonly applied under the eye for dark circles or on hyperpigmented spots.


  • Pink brightens fairer skin tones and adds a healthy glow covering up signs of exhaustion.


  • A must for darker skin tones! Orange and peach will hide signs of aging, cover up dark circles, and cover up acne spots for medium to dark skin tones. This shade is ideal for those with a yellow undertone.


  • Medium to darker skin tone gals often struggle with a gray washed out chin once they apply their foundation. Red will even out the chin area. It also can be used for heavy dark circles on darker skin tones. P.S. you can use a red lipstick if you don’t want to buy a special color corrector.

Things to keep in mind before color correcting…

  • You are supposed to color correct as a first step after priming your face before foundation.

    • You want to even out the skin tone with the different colors and then cover up the colors with your foundation.

  • You can use more than one color at a time meaning that you can use one for redness, another for undereye, while a third brightens your forehead.

  • Remember to keep a light hand while applying these as the formula of most color correctors are thick and very pigmented.

  • Blending out the colors is key before applying your foundation otherwise they will peak through.

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