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Fitness for Beginners

Fitness for Beginners

By: Karishma Sharma

In the last few years, social media has created a large uprising of the fitness world. It can be intimidating  if you have never been to a gym or even really worked out before, but want to get started. We ask ourselves, “Is there information out there for someone like me, who has never even lifted a weight before?”

Here is a beginner’s guide if you want to get started and are trying to figure out how.

Start small.

Don’t plan for your first workout to be something complex. On your first day, it’s okay to walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes and go home. Doing something is better than doing nothing, and once you get comfortable, you can slowly learn new things.

Workout videos can be your best friend.

If you don’t want to go to a gym yet, workout videos are a great place to start. Personally, I love, but there are plenty of free websites out there that’ll get the job done. The videos will help you be more confident in learning the basics, and eventually you can take those learned techniques to the gym!

Consider a trainer.

If you really don’t know much about working out in general, investing in a trainer is a good idea. A few sessions can teach you a lot, and generally for first timers, trainers and gyms have great deals.

Cardio is self-explanatory.

Weight lifting requires a bit more knowledge, but cardio is pretty self-explanatory. Not sure what to do? Hop on the treadmill, ride the bike, or step up on the Stairmaster! Cardio is a great way to get into working out and is also an incredible stamina builder. For a beginner, 15-20 minutes of cardio is an excellent start.

Weight Training is all about form.

When you do decide to dive into weight training, make sure you do your research on form. Without proper form, the exercises can potentially be invalidated, or even harmful! A great way to check proper form is simply to Google or watch Youtube videos!

Hopefully these tips can help you get started either at home or in the gym, and allow you become a little more comfortable and confident with your fitness journey!  

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