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Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

By: Karishma Sharma & Serena Patel

It is the day of, and you completely forgot to get a gift for your Valentine this year. What is something last minute you can get without it seeming generic or like you forgot? Here is a quick list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts!

  1. Check Groupon! There are tons of things you can gift at a price that won’t break the bank - from “things to do” to “beauty and spa” packages. They even have a special page for all deals related to V-Day gifts!

  2. It might be a little late to make a reservation, but a home cooked dinner is more intimate. It’s an easy, fun way to do something special without having to spend too much!

  3. It is fast and easy to print a picture at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. straight from your phone through their site. You can also find the cutest and cheap picture frames at places like Target, Marshalls, or TJMaxx.

  4. Throw together a quick gift package with a cute coffee mug, journal, fuzzy socks, and candy. All these things are easy to find in any store near you - even Walgreens or CVS.

  5. Do you remember your Valentine’s favorite bakery, sweets, or food? On your way home, pick up their favorite oatmeal raisin cookies from Potbelly’s to go. This will show that you remember the small things about them.

  6. What do you get for a guy? Stop at your nearest liquor store and grab a really nice bottle of Scotch or Whiskey. Nothing says love like a little alcohol.

  7. Create a coupon booklet of things your Valentine can redeem now or later. It can be scandalous or practical like things you know they don’t enjoy doing. For example, a coupon for you to do the dishes on their dish day.

  8. Head to your favorite brewery or distillery for a fun tour. Spending time together matters more than a fancy meal, and simply being together and doing something fun is a great gift!

  9. Going to the movies is a safe bet. It’s likely you can find an open show time and rom-com playing. You may need to buy your tickets the morning of, but at least it looks planned.

  10. This may seem unconventional on this holiday, but a gift card to their favorite store. No girl can get mad if she gets a Sephora gift card or guys with some spending money towards JCrew or Nike.

These are our 10 last-minute ideas that you can grab on your way home or without even going anywhere!

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