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New Year, New Make-Up Look

New Year, New Make-Up Look

By: Ravina Nakum

New Year, New Make-Up Look
What 2019 Is All About

Tired of attempting to master a heavy contour to get those perfect chiseled cheekbones, and spending forever trying to draw on Instagram brows? Fortunately, 2019 is bringing the 90’s back with the natural “no makeup” look. Don’t be fooled by this look though, it still requires a certain amount of makeup, but just changes the technique to reveal a healthy overall glow. Now how exactly can you get this flawless look without looking like you just rolled out of bed? Fear not, I’ve broken down exactly how you can achieve this look in under 10 minutes.

Prep Work:
Start by washing your face and applying a face moisturizer as dry skin flakes don’t make for a great canvas for a glowy look. Then, prime your face with any primer you prefer. Some people skip this step, but a face primer is key for a long-lasting look.


  1. Once you are primed, mix a little bit of your foundation with a few drops of liquid highlighter (any brand). The Cover FX custom drops or the Wet n’ Wild Megaglo liquid highlighter are great options.

  2. Apply this mixture with a damp beauty sponge for an even look. Follow with your favorite concealer under the eyes and any other areas you prefer to cover up.

  3. Set your face with any setting powder. It is best to use a large fluffy powder brush as that uses lighter amounts of powder to avoid a cake face.

  4. Follow by lightly bronzing under the cheekbones and forehead with an angled brush. I like to use a shimmery bronzer for a more lighter angled glow. Bronzing your face is completely optional. Remember to use a light hand on this.

  5. The key to this look is getting that naturally flushed look with a little blush. Apply a cream blush or powder blush to the apples of your cheek. Start with a little and build up if need be, but you shouldn’t need much. Remember we are going for natural here.

  6. Next, highlight the tops of your cheekbones with a little sheer highlight or a drop of the liquid highlighter. Make sure to really blend that out to avoid a blinding highlight.

  7. Time to wrap up this look with the eyes! Some like to skip putting on a thin line of liquid eyeliner, although I prefer it as it really creates a fuller lash look. Unlike eyeliner, mascara is a must. Choose a natural lengthening mascara over a thick voluminous one.

  8. You can choose to wear a tinted lip balm, light gloss, or light matte liquid lipstick. Whatever you prefer, just make it as natural as possible.

  9. Finish the face by spraying on some rosewater or any setting spray for an overall dewy healthy look!

We want to use minimal product quantities and apply everything lightly so it blends in more evenly on the skin. This is just the general way to go about the classic “no makeup” look, however, many find what works for them and what doesn’t over time and eliminate steps.

Now you can walk into work or class and say “I woke up like this.”

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