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20 Staples to Own in Your 20s

20 Staples to Own in Your 20s

By: Rubi Multani

Being in your 20s can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be.  Life is going to throw all sorts of occasions at you - an interview for your dream job, graduation, your best friend’s wedding, a hot date, or a new job.

You will want to dress to impress because leggings and hoodies will only get you so far. Don’t get me wrong - I am all about being comfortable, but in order to actually “Adult,” an adult wardrobe is a must. Also, showing up to work in sweats is heavily frowned upon in most environments.

As we progress into our 20s, our style should evolve with us. You can only rock your college jerseys and sweatshirts for so long. You will want classics in your wardrobe that’ll almost never go out of style. The following staples will help enhance your daily style and be a great start for your closets foundation for years to come.

  1. Power Blazer’s are crucial for interviews, looking sophisticated, or even dressing up a plain white T or dress.

  2. Buy yourself some pajamas - real pajamas. Not a shirt you got for free from a bar when you turned 21.

  3. A black dress is a must because it's versatile. You can wear it for a hot date night. It also may be needed as we grow older and face some unfortunate events like funerals. Morbid, but you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

  4. Hungover? Didn’t have time to put on makeup for brunch? Is the sun blinding you? The answer to all of these questions is sunglasses. They instantly make you look chic with minimal effort.

  5. Comfy heels, cannot stress this enough. Every girl needs at least one pair she can rock all day without having to take them off after an hour. Comfy heels come in many forms; whether they are some boots, wedges or sandals. Get what you are most comfortable walking in for long periods of time.  

  6. Leather jackets are always fun. You can make an outfit super casual or look badass with the perfect jacket.

  7. Lipstick/gloss because attention is brought to the lips/mouth whenever you speak, so it might as well be good attention. Keep the lips lively and use a shade that best fits your complexion. It doesn’t even have to be lipstick/gloss or have any color, it could be Vaseline or chapstick, just something to keep the lips hydrated and looking healthy.

  8. A good pair of jeans - enough said.

  9. Invest in a tote bag instead of carrying several bags around from your car to work to home. This will just make your life easier.

  10. Invest in a practical bra (nude, or a neutral color) or a multi-fitting bra! You can go strapless, crisscross the straps, or even have the option to go one should with some multi-fitting bras.

  11. Not necessary, but actual workout clothes. If anything, invest in a sports bra. They’re comfy and you can even get away with wearing them under sweaters. For some women, who are bigger chested, you can’t just wear a bra and partake in working out activities. You may already be miserable doing your ab workout, you don’t want a bra digging into your rib cage adding to your misery, a sports bra will be your best friend. Also, let’s face it, athleisure wear is totally in even when you’re not working out. If you have several errands to run on a Saturday morning why not be cute and comfy in your athletic.

  12. Heels are fun, but flats are necessary when you want a laid back day or have a thousand things to do and places to go. The last thing you want to worry about is your feet hurting.

  13. A cute button-down can be used for interviews or semi-dressing up. Imagine snoozing your alarm one too many times, you’re running late, you have no idea what to wear. You have an important meeting with your boss at 4 and you have to meet your friends out at 5. You knew you should’ve packed an extra outfit in your purse last night, but you didn’t. In this situation put on some skinny jeans, a button-down, throw on a statement necklace and voila! You are ready for work and a night out with friends.  

  14. A neutral coat can instantly make you look posh in the fall/winter. Neutral colors almost always match with everything and you will rarely have to worry if your gloves and hat match your coat.

  15. A white tee can easily be dressed up or dressed down.  It’s summertime and it’s 98 degrees outside, instead of wearing a button down you can pair your white tee with your pencil skirt or slacks. Or imagine it’s Fall and you are planning on grabbing brunch with your girls and then going to a pumpkin patch. You know it’s going to be brisk in the morning so you throw on a beanie and a flannel, but by the time you are at the pumpkin patch, it’ll be too hot to be just in your flannel. Layer your flannel with your white tee or a jean jacket with your white tee. So much can be done with a simple shirt.

  16. Casual dress, throw on a blazer and wear it to work. Throw on a leather jacket and you’re ready for a night out.

  17. Pencil skirts have withstood the test of time and are perfect for interviews, presentations, or a classy night out.

  18. Simple studs will make your morning routine easier. Invest in simple studs that will match a majority of the items in your closet. Consider stainless steel, sterling silver, gold or gold plated studs that won’t stain your skin green due to long periods of wear.

  19. You may be in love with a dress or skirt you just cannot seem to part with even though it’s a bit shorter than the dress code at work will allow. A simple solution to this is tights. Neutral color tights will almost always enhance your outfit. Tights that are fleece lined are also super helpful during colder weather. If you’re feeling a little lazy during winter time, just throw on tights with a longer shirt, or an over-sized sweater (make sure it does go past your butt). Another plus of tights?  Forgot to shave your legs or just too lazy? Hello, tights!

  20. A clutch because no one wants to lug around their entire life while they’re out and about.

Your 20s are all about self-discovery, and the same can be said about your style and wardrobe.  Whether its leather, pearls or a beret, no matter how you express yourself remember to have fun and be creative and do what feels right for YOU!

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