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Drugstore Dupes

Drugstore Dupes

By: Ravina Nakum

Fresh Face Beat for Less. New makeup is being released constantly, and it is challenging to keep up with all of the trends especially financially.  Luckily, you have options that allow for makeup to be  much cheaper. Drugstores are the perfect alternative to Sephora, Ulta, or similar high-end stores and will not break the bank.

Below are comparisons of drugstore dupes to their high-end versions to help you achieve the same look for less.


Face Products, Primer

Brand Smashbox NYX Cosmetics
Name Photo Finish Primer Photo Perfect Primer
Size 1 oz 1.01 oz
Price $36 $13

Both products are silicone based that will fill in pores to give you a smooth canvas to start off with.

Face Products, Concealer

Brand Tarte Makeup Revolution
Name Shape Tape Concel & Define
Size .33 oz .11 oz
Price $27 $7

Concealer is a must after long nights. Tarte Shape Tape provides full coverage with one swipe, while Makeup Revolution’s concealer may require an extra layer to build up to the same effect. Nevertheless, the price difference is worth it.  

Face Products, Foundation

Brand MAC Maybelline
Name Studio Fix Fluid FIT Me Matte
Size 30 ml 1 oz
Price $30 $7.99

Both foundations offer a matte, medium-to-full coverage finish, just at different price points!

Face Products, Setting Powder

Brand Huda Beauty Maybelline
Name Easy Bake Loose Powder FIT Me Lose Powder
Size 20 g 0.29 oz
Price $34 $7.99

Both powders offer a pore-minimizing smooth finish that will last you all day!

Face Products, Bronzer/Contour

Brand Benefit NYX Professional Makeup
Name HOOLA Bronzer Matte Bronzer
Size .28 oz g 0.33 oz
Price $30 $8.99

Both fine powders offer a smooth, natural contour and overall healthy glow.

Face Products, Blush

Brand NARS Milani
Name Orgasm Blush Baked Blush in shade Luminoso
Size .16 oz g 0.12 oz
Price $30 $7.99

The high price-tag of the #1 selling NARS orgasm blush can be intimidating. Fortunately, you can spend only $7.99 for a baked blush by Milani and no one will know.

Face Products, Highlighter

Brand Laure Geller Maybelline
Name Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in shade gilded honey Master Chrome Highlight in molten gold
Size .16 oz g 0.24 oz
Price $26 $7.99

It can be hard to blind someone with your highlight when it costs $26, but Maybelline’s highlight in molten gold offers you the same blinding highlight for less, so girl, blind away.

Eye Products, Eyeshadow Palette

Brand Anastasia Beverly Hills Wet n Wild
Name Modern Renaissance Color Icon in RosA in the Air
Size 12 eyeshadow pans 10 eyeshadow pans
Price $42 $4.99

Modern Renaissance is a staple in any makeup kit, but Color Icon is a close match for those who may not want to spend so much on one palette.

Eye Products, Eyeliner

Brand Kat Von D NYX Cosmetics
Name Tattoo Liner Epic Ink Liner
Size 0.019 oz 0.02 oz
Price $20 $8.99

Winged eyeliner is no joke, so thankfully, there is a cheaper way to get those sharp wings.

Eye Products, Mascara

Brand Too Faced L'Oreal
Name Better than Sex Lash Paradise
Size 0.27 oz 0.28 oz
Price $24 $8.99

When the packaging is basically the same, the product should be the same right? Both will give you thick, voluminous lashes that will have everyone asking if they are real!

Eye Products, Eyebrow Pencils

Brand Anastasia Beverly Hills L'Oreal
Name Brow Wiz Paradise Brow Stylist
Size 0.03 oz 0.45 oz
Price $21 $6.99

In order for your brow game to be strong, you really don’t need to spend $21 for the brow wiz. L’Oreal challenges the Brow Wiz with a lower price point.

Lip Products, Lipstick

Brand Mac Morph
Name Retro Matte in shade Ruby Woo Mega Matte lipstick in shade Dominate
Size 0.1 oz 0.1 oz
Price $18.50 $9.00

Every girl needs a classic red lipstick. Both of these offer a matte, solid red finish with blue brick undertones.

So how big is the difference really for a full face beat between high-end and drugstore products?

  • Grand Total High-End Products - $339

  • Grand Total for Drugstore Products - $99

Next time you want to achieve a glamorous look without spending hundreds of dollars, take a stroll down the drugstore aisle before you go anywhere else. Opting for drugstore alternatives allows you to buy more  products/have more variety. Even beauty influencers invest in a combination of high-end and drugstore brands as it is all about the quality. A heavy price-tag does not necessarily guarantee quality and vice versa. It is a trial and error process as to what brands work for your skin type and bank account, so what better place to start than with the cheaper options?

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